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4 eyebrow thrush tutorial to teach you to draw eyebrow eyebrow
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4 eyebrow thrush tutorial to teach you to draw eyebrow eyebrow

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2017/07/26 21:30
According to the eyebrow eyebrows painted eyebrows:
We have to pick eyebrow tail below, rare, this will give people the influence of eyebrow inaccessible.
Figure "itself is too pick, do not need to go down to the location of Mei Feng do my homework, can be ignored. Use the pencil in below the eyebrows painted, painted with gently blur the edges, this will make the eyebrow more natural color. The trimmed eyebrows look softer and more feminine.
According to eyebrow painting eyebrows: drooping eyebrows
"Part and eyebrow tail below the missing, showing a splay eyebrow.
The key of Mei Feng and eyebrow tail section, using pencil first outline the eyebrow edge for my eyebrow, outline when remember, Mei Feng and eyebrow tail water chestnut not too obvious, and then use the eyebrow pencil to fill.